Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sorry its been so long but im back

So I don't want to give a reason why I haven't been back just that I have been busy ...……………… so last night my step dad Eric starts saying to my mom "I need to get some new shoes" angrily and loudly just over and over and over again. So I yell across the room that he has no right to speak that way to my mother. And the dumbass comes over and asks me "what"? And I told him he needs to stop yelling at my mother and glaring at her and giving threats and that I love my momma and he's not gonna do that. So the idiot tries to play it off like he wasn't (Eric is bi-polar with psychotic delusions so one he plays it off like he doesn't know orrrrr he is delusional and too stupid to actually realize what he is doing) so I just sit down and calmly argue with him and clearly I have more intelligence from the conversation Hahaha I'm stupid compared to people I know but compared to Eric I'm a genius Haha Haha so eventually he says something and I get pissed and say "why in the don't u be the father u were suppose to be 14 years ago and all up to now"? And that strikes his nerve he gets up in my face and tell me I don't need to cuss at him and he asks if I understand and I say "I understand the statement u made but I will not heed ur command" and that throws him for a loop cause one he can't understand it and two he knows I basically said no lol so he says I'm being a smart ass and gets more angry and I'm calm as can be but things lead ti another and I was forced to leave and drove to Walmart and slept in my truck

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Florence and the rolling stones plus my crap

 i watched the video with florence performing gimme shelter with rolling both those bands but one rolling stoens are old and have poor stage performance now and bringing florence in and doing THAT choreography??? nu huh i mean come on that looks like something out of grease for gods sake let flo do her thing and flow!!!!! literally the whole reason i love her is cause she just floowwssss with everything like water and the ocean her music it flows her voice it flows her dance moves flows dont put her on stage and make her do that please...noooo i am not gay i just love to perform and i think they did a piss poor attempt at it.


wow its been a long time thanks so much for all the veiws

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Delusions And I
(Green: intro....Red: verse..... Black: chorus) 

When the bulls rush to the gate
Will you run
Or will you face your fate?

What If I'm tired of endless wondering?
Hopelessly flying through a sea of abandoned thought
One day we have to rot

Scream in their faces
Mosh on their graves
For today shall be our day!

And at that time When
What shall you think of me Then?
I wonder how you and I 
Will be remembered

Scream in their faces
Mosh on their graves
For today shall be our day!

WIll our doing have an effect
On the minds of the future?
Will we have tampered
With the history books of tomorrow?
Or will we drown ourselves in our own sorrow?

~partially written by: Tucker/Xavier Moore

Fading by: The Delusions And I

Fading by: The Delusions And I
“I was on an adventure when I found you 
(fading away)
We were lost in each others moments
But the promises we said we never really made
(slipping away)
Now all the times we had we watch fade

Now as we watch the world 
Fade Away
Watching the world
Slip Away

Not all faery tales have a happy ending
(fading away)
When hope is all but lost
And everything falls apart
(slipping away)
A light from the darkness will rise anew
This is where our feary tale begins”

~Written by: Tucker/Xavier Moore

Pendulum by The Delusions And I

Pendulum by The Delusions And I
I can feel this pain
I can feel it burning in my heart
and i know it makes me stronger
but yet you push me further 

~written by David Johnson

Friday, January 11, 2013

So today I thought I would just post some cool screamo music videos and tell you why i like them

this is parkway drive carrion live i love it cause it shows how the crowd reacts and winstons vocals are epic live too

this is The big empty- by For the fallen dreams. watch all the way thru but skip to 1:39 and watch the most EPIC guitar move ever!!!!

Attila- Rage ok so first off just listen to his vocals they are friggin amazing!!!! oh and jump while you listen (I've really been into videos i can jump too)

Of mice & men- The depths...omg i love om&m so glad i saw them in concert. but this video is awesome i love how Austin jumps around in a circle and stuff when they played this live the whole place started jumping and man the place looked like everyone was gonna hit there heads on the freaking fan lol

Monday, January 7, 2013

FIRST OFF!!! I would like to thank EVERYONE!!!! cause i have officially reached 7,000 veiws!!! THANK YOU ALLL!!!! check out this link for my sponsors store and my profile

Friday, December 28, 2012

KILL TUMBLR!!!!! (or maybe just the stupid, lazy, illiterate people)

Okay I am tired of seeing people quit blogging cause 1: they are on tumblr more 2: they say tumblr is better...and many other poor excuses IIIII believe it is due to 1: a lack of knowing what to write 2: lack of being ABLE to write 3: PURE LAZINESS!!!!! Okay tumblr is not better it is a website better refers to an opinion not fact now if you would like to stat that tumblr is much more advanced then yes I will agree. But tumblr is not really a blog unless all u did before was post random pictures you found by other people you see tumblr is just a picture Facebook laced with instagram (so to speak)....You reblog others peoples pictures that are funny, beautiful, and unique, and occasionally post some of your own pictures. Now do not get me wrong I LOOOOVVEEEEEE Tumblr; but alas blogging on blogger is something I am able to do and i suppose ell cause I am about to hit 7000 veiws which is awesome for someone so small. But I am sorry i like to express myself more than just pictures.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Updates so many updates

so i got to see one of my FAV BANDS OF ALLLL TIME!!!!! KILLSWITCH ENGAGE!!!! they basically started the newer metal back in the late 90's. the guitarist also started Parkway Drives (my fav band) first album. And then I bought me some drums (in a pic below) yes i need some more equptment and cymbals but for 175 bucks you cant beat it. I know what im going to dragon con as next year yes the macintosh son from brave!!!! also i had another awesome photo shoot at my sponsors!!!! and then my nanny died the person i spent at LEAST two days with every week and who started my music career and got me into it all i mena i could play pure metal on the guitar and shed like certain things id play i mean i loovveeeddd her then i had to carry her to her grave i really hate to talk about it but i guess you have to eventually i am very glad i know the truth tht has helped knowing she doesnt have to deal with the world and tht ill see her in the new system. :/ i wish i had someone to talk to ohwell:( but tonight i got the privilege of being able to comment at meetings again!!! so maybe another month and ill get to become a publisher again!!!

newish hairstyle

what im doing for dragon con

i bought some drums!!!!

so funny story the other morning i posted tht i really wanted a nice pink sunset or could use one...and guess what jah gave me that day? :D

longboard wreck gonna leave a scar so awesome

longboard guitar

Me and the owner of survival pride

me getting sexy with my board

sponsor posted a pic and within minutes the world loved it lol
This is the band shadows fall this band is pretty old but they rulled this guy as u can see has dreads down to his knees and they had strobes go off and hed jump and stuff omg it was EPIC!!!! what got me is how much those weigh!!! at least 3pounds and he startd whipping them around!!!

This is ADAM D!!!!! omg he is one of my favorite guitarists/producers!!!!! he wore booty shorts!!! his veiw is that it doesnt matter how u look when you play metal!!! he blew rasbperries while playing omg hes awesome. anyway like 2 hours before the show i was outside the peel with my older bro casey and adam d walks by and was like "hey whats up" and i was star struck could not say a word!!!!
original lead singer of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So me and a friend were talking and she asked my fav car. Which is ig u dont know is my grandfathers 1982 red t-top corvette amd then she said hera was a "shelby GT 500" here was my response:
Cause their regular mustangs suck so bad they have to slap a GT on their better engines (which cost them more to make) so they can sell it at a higher price when really performance wise u can get the same horsepower and torque out of an old chevy muscle car. than the newer mustangs. U see ford had it right in the old days nice mustangs and let shelby cobra build their OWN cars then ford got greedy bought out shelby and started making shi**y cars for more money.
And GT's are made for racing. Lile ferrari gt's are meant specially for racing. When yet yes the shelby gt 500 can put out i think like 650 hp at 6500rpm and torque of arnd 635lb-ft @ 4000 rpm which gives it great speed and acceleration but. Due to the lack of aerodynamics and how bulky the car is and top heavy it is. its pretty much useless for racing unless ur doing drag which to me involves no skill except to.mechanics. now if u like the look of the mustang i can agree the look but raised a mechanic amd racer i despise the.mustangs except the 60 models and early 70'

Monday, December 3, 2012

Book update

So i have a new fav author. John green. Look him up. Anywho someone gave me "looking for alaska" it made me cry and want to kill myself.....but in a good way if tht makes sense. I had to put the book down at a certain time and just cry.  Anywho im reading his newest book "the fault in our stars". And it anyway read itand im not done but its awesome.  Btw i finished looking for alaska in a night. And anyway in the new book it talks alot abt death heres what i have to say...."i am a grenade", we all are u see cause when we die we have this effect on everyone around us. We all think abt how we want to veiwed ya know? We want people to think a certain thing at our funeral.....screw thar crap i say we need to just be ourselves and ya know live! For instance i got a TBH (to be honest ) thing on face book and it read "tbh: Tucker ...welll....ur Tucker "...and tht made me so happy. Why? Cause im not labeled as a certain thing lile happy or crazy person im labeled as me:) and being urself is what i believe in:) anywho im gonna get off before i cry ..peace

Thursday, November 22, 2012

5k race and sponsorship!

Well i got a call at 11 last night saying i should join a 5k (3 mile) race today at 9a.m......of course i argue and complain then do it. so i havent ran at all in months but ut of 80 plus people i came in 15 overall and 3rd in my age group there was alot of people in  myt age group my little brother came in 35th overall and got 2nd in his group...also i have been longboarding non-stop the past month and more and anyway i got sponsored yes by a local clothing company call surivival pride heres their facebook site i got only one longboarder on the team with me and i got ryan moses on bmx and omg is he amazing and then anothony brown for snowboarding a long member of survival pride!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

C.J.P's photos of the week: instruments

Welp its time again for another segiment of Caleb Jones photography this week I'm featuring some of his Instrumental pics...please enjoy

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New segment feat. Caleb Jones Photograhpy

Well folks Since i get somewhat of a good amount i suppose of views ive been asked to feature some photos from Caleb Jones Photography, hes a tyoung brother in my hall who is a close friend of mine so every tuesday i shall post pictures from his can find more from C.J.P here>

    well after a long night of crying and long morning odf the same thing i cant help. idk the only way i can describe how i feel is thru lyrics

"I am a question to the world,
Not an answer to be heard.
All a moment that's held in your arms.
And what do you think you'd ever say?
I won't listen anyway…
You don't know me,
And I’ll never be what you want me to be.

And what do you think you'd understand?
I'm a boy, no, I'm a man..
You can take me and throw me away.
And how can you learn what's never shown?
Yeah, you stand here on your own.
They don't know me 'cause I'm not here.

And I want a moment to be real,
Wanna touch things I don't feel,
Wanna hold on and feel I belong.
And how can the world want me to change,
They’re the ones that stay the same.
The don’t know me,
'Cause I’m not here.

And you see the things they never see
All you wanted, I could be
Now you know me, and I'm not afraid
And I wanna tell you who I am
Can you help me be a man?
They can't break me
As long as I know who I am

And I want a moment to be real,
Wanna touch things I don't feel,
Wanna hold on and feel I belong.
And how can the world want me to change,
They’re the ones that stay the same.
They can’t see me,
But I’m still here.

They can’t tell me who to be,
‘Cause I’m not what they see.
And the world is still sleepin’,
While I keep on dreamin’ for me.
And their words are just whispers
And lies that I’ll never believe.

And I want a moment to be real,
Wanna touch things I don't feel,
Wanna hold on and feel I belong.
And how can they say I never change
They’re the ones that stay the same.
I’m the one now,
‘Cause I’m still here.

I’m the one,
‘Cause I’m still here.
I’m still here.
I’m still here.
I’m still here."

Monday, October 29, 2012

+5000 veiws

so to dedicate this celebration of 5 thousand veiws id like to say thank you again to everyone!!!!! and heres songs tht always make me cry no matter what and they make me wanna burst out and sing them


fav bassists

Jaime Preciado (pierce the veil)

Jia o'conner (parkway drive)
he slamms the crap out of his bass

this is Ryan Pulice (the color morale) i actually got to meet him and he signed my hat and the inside of my vest he was truly awesome he could head bang sooo hrd and play soooo fast 

jaime preciado from pierce the veil

This is jaime preciado from pierce the veil and he is one of my favorite bassists because hes soooo funny and looks soo cool and his bass abilitys are awesome!

finn and jake!


I love this show so i saw this and i have felt like this recently so i posted hehehehehe

Sunday, October 28, 2012

idk random stoof but cool

pond nymph anyone....yes i shall take her muwahahahahahaha

well i have to say ive been single for a few months and it feels awesome dont want to be single but im not rushing its more of like oh hey u like me? well ok i like u to lets have fun...meaning no fornication bad bad bad stuff. let me just say this im a romantic not a whore!!!! nor am i easy or a flirt anymore

things i wanna do that i havent in a year or more than 6 months: cuddle (y) kiss(6m)
things i have never done and want to: have "kiss the girl" playing while i go to kiss the girl....kiss next to a pond under the stars
kiss  in the snow
kiss l in the library
kiss on the beach
cuddle in the snow/sand/harbor of a pond or ocean/ under the stars
cuddle/kiss in the gardens and behind the biltmore house

day with the eberlys

I think first we should start off witg some funnies hehehehe so besides tht i got to spend a half day with eberlys and night and these are the pics we got to see goats dog prints on a glass greenhouse and then i finally won my first game of catan and ive only played catan four times. also im in red and i get really bored sometimes and then i got a longboard!!!! cant wait to carve it up!!!!